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is shocking 11:00, a crime on the state community playground. >> it is shocking that a child hold of something like that. >> a family that could be facing charges after a 5-year-old shot
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a four-year-old. leslie johnson and mr. role in a corruption scandal. a virus in a animal shelter. >> what forced them to cats.ize >> how the mob boss is getting pay for his defense. captioned by the national captioning institute boy has been-old shot. police believe it was at the another child. they believe this happened on a playground this afternoon. this was outside of temple hills, maryland. what is the latest? >> since prince george's county spent hours of questioning as a boy and his to find out where found the gun.
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isre he found the gun ed who to.stered us that charges are pending. >> residents of this temple hills neighbor could will tell violence is not unusual. a 5-year-old shooting a four- old is on heard of. >> they got the call just 4:00 this afternoon. a littleto the aid of shot in the back. >> than the ambulance came. they finally found out that it in one way and came out another. >> detectives are trying to find came from.he gun >> kearse son was at the the she watched in disbelief as the
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old lawyer was taken away police. >> my son is only seven. to witness his only friend get shot must too much. >> she is with the young family.s >> when she laid the wounded boy her bed, she was in a state of shock. says that too many children are left outside unsupervised. >> we understand that both boys in the apartment complex and the key debby all families to live next to each other. the boys played together almost every day. he is expected to survive. upsettingis and story. are following some breaking news from hyattsville where a was fatally stabbed and wounded.s were on east-west highway.
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they fight broke out between to teens.massive groups of homicide is investigating the nature of this attack. kahn may get auss- break in his sexual assault case. his bail this excess -- expected reduced based on the credibility of his accuser. he faces criminal sexual acts abuse of a hotel maid. is under armed guard in a manhattan townhouse. new at 11:00, dave virus fairfax animal shelter causing every cat to be unionized. they tied the fatal virus to a according case in the county. had tofax animal control euthanize every cat in their
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custody. we have learned more about where have comeion may from. care of them and finds them homes. >> if you asked folks what she does, you get the same line. >> this lady has a very compassionate heart for the animals and trying to find them all homes. >> she foster's cats. and the american that finds them homes. police charged her with hoarding animals. 70 in total. they believe that her cats f the others of the shelter. >> they had a disease? what kind of disease did they have? >> causes fatal respiratory problems and leaves them with only one option. >> the only option is to start fresh. unfortunately, that involves the
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euthanasia of the cats. >> we went looking for answers this evening. for animal lovers, it may be too late. >> animal control has notified families that have recently adopted cats from the shelter. adoptions have been suspended until further notice. >> we are following some more tonight from the district. a d.c. police officer has been accident. a car this happened about an hour ago in southeast. standing on as street when a car crash clear by. theclear whether s hurt by the car or by flying debris. he is now facing charges. we will keep you posted on the
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story. in the weather, it is cooling outside, but it ready for the heat. some big changes on the way for of july weekend. >> we are heading into our of the year on average. our temperatures outside right now, what a wonderful way to end of june. are into the 70's. some folks are already into the in the shenandoah valley. get into the weekend, back the 90's. we have been hotter in june. how does this june rank? was it in the top 10 or top five hottest ever? >> are weather team has all of the details. the interactive seven-day
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interactive del mar of a speech forecast. .e have some new details police say that the woman that o her death from an upscale northwest hotel was bought a guest there. the 47-year-old fell 10 stories hotel.w witnesses called 911 after the woman climbed over a railing and d fell. an top lawmakers are demanding stunning airport security scare. s ofhe most basic element has been breached. >> a nigerian man is in police custody after flying cross- using somebody else's boarding pass. he boarded a flight from jfk to lax using a boarding pass for day and the wrong
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flight number. charged nalle with being a school play. coming up on abc news at 11:00 -- >> and remains in office. >> a number of new laws take effect tomorrow. we will tell you about it.
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to benly asked not this mistake. >> it was a plea to the public from disgrace prince george's lesliecouncilwoman johnson. she pled guilty to massive corruption charges. husband is also involved in the why the-sweeping scandal.
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-- wide-sweeping scandal. >> what she calls a mistake, officials call a felony. leslie dodson -- johnson pled guilty according to last year's that involvedndal jack johnson. both have admitted guilt in a to shake down developers for deals with the county. >> i made a mistake and i responsibility for my conduct. >> johnson tried to hide nearly bribe money in undergarments and flushed and $100,000 bribe check down the toilet. face as 18 months in prison. she has indicated that she is not resigning.
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legally, she can stay in office until her sentencing. >> i look forward to continuing to serve and making a positive difference in the lives of people in need. >> residence we spoke with were unanimous. they think that johnson should step down immediately. >> i think that she should step just to clear the air. >> she needs to del. wish she would know. countyince george's executive join that chorus of leslies calling on the johnson to step down. >> white taxpayers are footing a notorious of dozens ofsed heinous crimes. we love to hate them, do we not?
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11:00, virginia state t the public's health help to identify a man who murdered a virginia tech student. police released this sketch. she went missing in 2009 at the university of virginia. her remains were found months later. they say that he also can that
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the molested a fairfax woman. james bolger will have a high- lawyer at his side. he cannot afford a lawyer and assign him a public defender. arrested after 16 years on the run, police found cash, but the police seized the money. here is accused of killing 19 people while a mob boss in boston. some new laws are taking virginia.maryland and stricter penalties for drinking and driving. a teenager caught driving with a alcohol level of 0.02 or higher, lose their licence for a year. gov. bob mcdonald signed the law.into >> we are doing everything to people accordingly.
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>> in maryland, it is going to more to buy alcohol. but those of 3%. this is the first hike in a in nearly 40 tax years. a new study shows beckett is smoking a the if support of text messages. one group but was sent motivational messages to quit smoking. the other was caught. e who receive their texts in were twice as likely to say those who did not received encouraging messages. d.c. driver's overwhelmingly of red lightse cameras. the institute of highway safety survey nearly 300 drivers. 70% of pc driver support read like cameras. is higher than any other cities surveyed. california showed the t support, with only a 48%
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of proving. a lot of people were outside tonight and join in a dinner. al fresco day to start of july. this is how we are looking from our weatherbug camera high above channel 7. our temperature outside as we on june, they last not be as high as year. not as hot as last june. almost two degrees cooler. it was the third hottest june we had in washington. two of the hottest june never have spent in the past two years. oklahoma city, utah about heat. also set asouri
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88ord while we were up to degrees. the drought continues in the middle part of the country. we go through the summertime dry the heat reinforces the air and the dry air reinforces the heat. ofloud free most the heat will be coming in on us. another fine day tomorrow with of high pressure. as it begins to move off, some the midwest heat begins to come our way. tomorrow, temperatures will be 0 degrees. will be one more comfortable morninga delightful out to thead beaches. i will tell you in a second the beaches. it will be sunny and nearer 90. one negative is the air quality. it is a code orange tomorrow for
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quality color because of the light winds and the ozone that the sunshine during the day. very high. a lot of sunshine at the beaches. out for afternoon sunshine hours. you can always go into every afternoon. arepeaking of, we giving away some special vip defets for the special leppard and hart concert. we will announce
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>>, checking the top stories on e many are planning to travel on
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the july 4 holiday. those pesky stink bugs are interfering with holiday plans. the sticky hot weekend forecast, police from los angeles are that some high-powered themrities can help convert a traffic nightmare. the -- and they have reached out anda and kutcher others with a big quitter driversg is to warn the 405 will be closed. between of followers them. it makes sense. first it is the nfl, and now it the nba. >> in about 36 minutes, the nba to locked its doors. the nfl talks stall.
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strike midnight. time will run out on the nba bargaining agreement. there will be no contract and no of the facilities. it will -- like 1998, it could season.breviated that is a very real if they play at all. running onk is be at a loss will of games. we are hoping that there will be softening on their side and oure we will soften well.on as >> this has led a tough stretch for the orioles. ofrds have lost four their last five games. are now taking under .500. this is deep over the barbecue eutaw street.
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the cardinals beat the orioles. the national starch and a 11- -- a 11-game homestand. it was ryan zimmerman's second micah the park. this is part of his foundation fight multiple sclerosis. suffersmmerman's mom ms. the foundation is trying to home a cure. >> because it is near and dear my heart. it is a great time and it is a good cause. is a fun way for people to out and spend some money. >> it is time for breakfast at wimbledon. maria sharapova has positioned be the favorite. she is the only champion left. she has hardly been challenged. she cruised into the finals with over lisicki.
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saturday morning, breakfast at wimbledon. the germans struggle against nigeria until the 54th minute until they score this goal. germany, one of the favorites play france? . the nba is about 37 minutes away from the lockout. optimism is waning in the nfl. what are we going to do? nba, nfl, everything is going south. nba, nfl, everything is going south. >> there is
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denny's new tour 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >> it is going to be hot tomorrow, near 90 degrees.
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a comfortable 90 degrees. fireworks weather, it will be fine. follow us on twitter. our latest
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